Parsi Technology


Parsietch offers all the needs of customers in the fields of Multimedia by qualified and creative professionals, and using the latest technologies in the world. Parsitech will be accompanied its customers in the whole process from requirements analysis to development and support, with maximum satisfaction.


You can find the whole process including analysis, design, implementation and commissioning, support and development in the Parsitech, read here


MIDEX Exhibition 2014
Iran Metafo Exhibition 2013
Installations, Heating and Cooling Exhibition 2013
Iran Metafo Exhibition 2008
IUST University of Engineering
Rasis Co.
Installations, Heating and Cooling Exhibition 2010
Metallurgy Exhibition 2010
IUST Office of Scientice Association
Iran Metafo Exhibition 2011
Nourrizan luster factory
Iran Metafo Exhibition 2012
Cadeno Clothes factory
MG Agriculture Co.
Qorb Khatam International Group
Residential architectural masterpieces in the world
Zarafshan Co.
IUST Mourning
Installations, Heating and Cooling Ehibiyion 2008
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