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Project Phases

Parsietch offers wide range of needs of customers in the fields of Graphic design, computer programming and, web design and applications by qualified and creative professionals, and using the latest technologies in the world.


  • Graphic Design: Design logos, catalogues, brochures, posters, layout of magazines and newspapers, billboards, advertising, body car, packaging products, modelling three-dimensional design
  • Web Technology: Design and application (Server-Client),
  • Multimedia: Design discs and CD advertising, interactive multimedia
  • Software & Hardware: Design and programming apps and software for operating systems and mobile and, programming hardware system


Parsitech will be accompanied its customers in the whole process from requirements analysis to development and support, with maximum satisfaction.




thought Requirements Analysis


Many organizations, when they enter to the market, they know only a small part of their needs. Parsitech will organize meetings with managers to evaluate the fundamental needs and goals of the organization in different aspects, to explore hidden needs. In this stage, we will establish a direct relationship with the managers to analysis and evaluate the aspects of the project and adding new requirements, to have a clear vision for the project.




After determining the needs and vision of the project, Parsitech will use the best way to implement and the latest technologies in the world by the experience and creativity of our experts. The technical implementation of the project begins with maximum quality, performance, security and beauty with the utmost precision and in the shortest time possible for our customers to bring it.


buildImplementation & Publish


Services and information, that you are providing and publishing them, are the most important part that determines the identity of your organization to clients. In case, if you have a problem with a part of providing services or information contained scattered, inaccessible, complicated, messy and useless, practically you will lose your credentials and services that are in use, such as websites, software etc. Parsitech with full awareness of the issue will accompany its customers at all stages of project implementation to ensure the complete functioning of the project.


cycleDevelopment & Support


Launch new services, to provide maximum satisfaction to the users and new requirements. Parsitech will prepare a condition to provide and response the needs of its customers in technical and non-technical support, and develop & upgrade service

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